Carla’s way

Growing up in the Blue Mountains, Carla Dawes was always been surrounded by creativity. Her parents owned a record shop and she was privy to a Steiner education, where she was first introduced to felt boards and sewing. At age 11 she learnt embroidery, a passion she continued until her early twenties, before shifting her focus to wearable art and costume. Carla has always been making – even in her subsequent career as a caterer – so opening her own textile studio was a natural step after eventual visual art study at Lismore University.

Drawn to learn more about textile design, she knew there was no looking back after her first screen printing session. Lifting the screen up and seeing her artwork immediately printed on fabric is something that continues to delight her. Watching the wet ink seep into the fabric on the Ink Object printing tables is her favourite part of the process. Carla loves being able to control and test the image at each stage of the screen printing process: from initial design to colour choices to fabric testing and selection.

Inspired by travel, nature and the beauty of simple moments, her bold and timeless designs also echo with her passion for Scandinavian design. She does not make for the sake of making, wanting objects to be purposeful and long lasting.

Generous in spirit and nature, Carla loves bringing people together. She is proud that Ink Object employs local craftspeople, mentors young designers and continues to create every item by hand. She wouldn’t have it any other way.