Timeless Treasures

Carla’s playful paper cuts are a direct link to Ink Object’s collection of children’s fabrics. A neighbourhood wattle tree, afternoon walks on the beach and a window of stars all found their way into her late night making, ultimately emerging as a series of timeless designs perfect for children’s quilts, cushions and crafting.

After exploring the forms – twigs, flowers, leaves stars and stones – Carla experiments with different arrangements of her cut shapes before attaching them to transparent sheets and exposing them onto a silk screen. The process carries her fond childhood memories of playing with felt board shapes, and the sharp and quirky nature of the lines made by her cutting board and blade. The shapes she forms are simple and honest, which is why the patterns are familiar and timeless: perfect for special keepsakes.

The Wattle print started as a birthday card for a friend’s daughter when the local tree was in full bloom. The designs for Twigs and Banksia evolved from wanders down a local bush track. Square Peg is inspired by the rocks at Wategos Beach and the Stars pattern reflects Carla’s view out of her window from her work table each night.

The quilts she had made for her two sons when they were babies are treasured; she still has them – tucked away for when their children arrive. Ink Object for Kids is a collection of fabrics that has been created with these sentiments, designed to craft quilts to be used generation after generation.

Words by Jodie Cheetham of Threadbound

Photography by Jodie Cheetham and Carli Wilson