Ink Object Young Designers

Ink Object Young Designers, please click on their image to view their products.

Myles Forbes

Myles has been screen printing for about 4 years now, he started off meticulously hand screen printing business cards, then went on to designing and printing his own clothing label THEWHAT.

Serren Glenn

Serren has a passion for design and willingness to try new techniques and colour combinations with her printing. With a keen interest in taxidermy and an eye for the unusual Serren comes up with some unique and quirky work that is truly fun and inspiring.

Juna Horstmans

Juna first walked through my studio door on a visit to further explore her screen printing skills after completing work experience with Publisher Textiles in Sydney. Her designs follow the mapping and history of her ancestry which combines intricately drawn illustrations hand printed onto fabric. Currently studying at the renowned BSA (Byron School of Art) with particular interests in collage. Juna is also one of Ink Objects screen printers.

Bella Wills

Bella’s design skills go beyond screen printing and sewing to designing and constructing a caravan! Bella spent time in the Ink Object studio printing cushions and sewing them for her Yr 10 work experience and has now designed, screen printed and sewn her interior soft furnishings for her retro pod caravan.

Romy Soper

Romy has a passion for design and fashion with an attention to detail and a talent to combine colour, fabrics and styles to produce some beautiful fashion pieces. Her artistic skills go beyond the class room by attending art class’s such as painting, drawing and screen printing  to further her creative zest for art.

Immy Scales

Immy came to the Ink Object studio for her Year 10 work experience and from there produced spectacular fabrics using bold splashes of colour and contemporary design to produce eye catching homewares. Currently Immy is creating large fabric panel artworks and soft sculptures for a textile installation.

Tamika Burns

Tamika spent time with me in the studio for her Steiner School Yr 8 Personal Interest Project (PIP) that places students out in the community with a mentor to explore and learn a new skill. Tamika produced a beautiful body of work that featured hand printed homewares designed with a striking origami and geometric pattern, she has also assisted in the Ink Object workshops.

Zara Pellen

Zara is one of those designers that can creatively visualise the outcome with a crystal clear vision. She is a quite and productive achiever as she works away on her project, questions are always clearly answered with a particular style, colour and theme in mind. Her clarity in her creative process is to be admired and the use of stencils and layering are bold and fearless. Zara has already gone into small production by designing and printing her t-shirts for the Byron Surf Festival this year.

Amelie Wright

Amelie’s visual journals are an explosion of colourful eclectic pattern and design that translated into an incredible collection of soft furnishings for her Steiner high school Personal Interest Project. Not only did Amelie print and design her own bedroom collection she simultaneously was mentored in ceramics and floristry to produce an eye catching and stunning show piece.